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Lover Plum

Lover Plum

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Ingredients: plum, monk fruit sugar, lemon juice
Net weight: 120g


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Quenching thirst and refreshing, clearing liver and nourishing liver, detoxifying and detoxifying, clearing damp and heat!

🟡 It has the function of quenching thirst and refreshing, and the health care function is very prominent. It can clear the liver and nourish the liver, relieve stagnation and poison, and clear away dampness and heat.

🟡 It has the effect of promoting the regeneration of hemoglobin, and moderate consumption of lover's plum for anemia is of great benefit to health.

🟡 Contains a kind of citric acid, which can promote the secretion of gastric acid, so that the feeling of indigestion and fullness will disappear.

🟡 Regular consumption can make the face smooth and clean like jade, which is a rare natural essence for modern beauty.


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